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Ortho Digestzyme (NEW) - 180 capsules

Ortho Digestzyme (NEW) - 180 capsules

Product Information
Too Much Acid... Or Not Enough? Conventional practices that try to address occasional gas, bloating and indigestion have assumed the problem has been excessive HCl in the digestive system. Studies have concluded, however, that in 80% of patients, their digestive systems actually benefit from a healthy level of HCl sufficient to support normal, thorough digestion.

Phase One (Stomach)
Formulated and tableted as a two stage product which only releases product at certain points during digestion, Ortho Digestzyme takes advantage of lower stomach pH to release enzymes that will give their fullest effect in the stomach. At this stage, the tablet releases sufficient HCl to enhance digestive function. (Betaine HCl, Glutamic Acid, Pepsin, Papain)

Phase Two (Small Intestine)
The remaining enzymes are activated in the duodenum, where higher pH will not diminish their effectiveness. Working together, the assembled enzymes in the Ortho Digestzyme formula assist the pancreas by supplying enzymes needed for thorough digestion, enhancing the overall health and function of the digestive system. (Pancreatin 6X, Pancrelipase, Amylase, Bromelain, Ox Bile Extract)

Ox Bile Extract
As an added benefit, the presence of Ox Bile Extract enables emulsification of fats making them easier to break down and digest.

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